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CRéPE x Vague T-Shirt - Yellow & Tea Towel

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Image of CRéPE x Vague T-Shirt - Yellow & Tea Towel
  • Image of CRéPE x Vague T-Shirt - Yellow & Tea Towel
  • Image of CRéPE x Vague T-Shirt - Yellow & Tea Towel
  • Image of CRéPE x Vague T-Shirt - Yellow & Tea Towel
  • Image of CRéPE x Vague T-Shirt - Yellow & Tea Towel

CRéPE x Vague collaborate to bring you a T-shirt of illustrated faces which were hand drawn by Garlic Tony during the peak of lockdown and were designed by us here at Vague. Each T-shirt comes free with a CRéPE x Vague Tea Towel as well to make it that extra bit special. Numbers on this one are very limited so make sure you cop one before they all go! If your face is on the T-shirt please DM us on instagram or vagueskatemag@gmail.com to request your discount code.

This T-shirt design is yellow with black design and is available in medium, large and extra large.

"Following on from CRêPE's robbery for Christmas number 1, the band knew that it's better to be niche than adored by the moronic public, who voted in a malicious tory twat, but did this stifle their creativity? Of course not.

Anyone worth their salt knows that aside from the music, the most important thing for a band is merchandise.

Anyone who's worth their salt & pepper knows musicians creativity exceeds just the be-bop of the instruments and if you don't have enough creative outlets, you swell up and die, and that's a fact! As to avoid this happening front man of CRêPE' and renowned teen heart throb Garlic Tony took to drawing portraits of some of the band's most loyal fans.

Anyone worth their salt & pepper squid knows that that performing music is a very physical affair as well as mental and emotional and keeping their merch looking icy is a top priority. Whether it's tears or sweat, a branded tea towel will do the job of keeping band members and the audience dry and fresh. Sweat droplets don't sell albums, and if you're gushing more liquid than a tea towel can handle an outfit change can become essential. Plus have you ever listened to umbrella logic and not broke out in a chilling sweat? Imagine playing the fucker, temperature's going haywire lat alone attempting to stay clean and crisp during 500 degrees!

Anyone who's worth their all you can eat buffet only on available on Sundays knows that buying this product will let the general public know that you are steeze and that they can fuck off. Not in an aggressive way but in a satirical way. Which is all you can ask for at the end of the day and if they get offended it's their problem!

Anyone worth their BBQ of Love knows that we appreciate all the hard work Garlic Tony and all of CRêPE' put into this product and their illustrious career so we thank them a thousand times. Love ya lads! X"